Only half of NYC students in grades 3-8 meet state standards in English and mathematics proficiency testing. (Source: Robin Hood Foundation)

Photo credit: The Partnership for Inner-City Education

Mission & Approach

Our Mission

We seek to help hard-working individuals who are trying to help themselves and their communities but temporarily lack the resources to accomplish their goals.

Our work concentrates on biomedical research, education, and helping people who have suffered a setback.

Since inception, the foundation has supported over 100 young researchers at five premier institutions, awarded over $10 million of scholarship support to approximately 900 students, and provided emergency crisis grants for approximately 4,000 families. The foundation made over $70 million in grants in its first 25 years and looks forward to continuing to support the critical work of strong nonprofits and the needs of those they serve for many years to come.

Our Approach

fund & support

We fund nonprofit organizations, which in turn apply rigorous criteria to select individuals to receive our support. The individuals that are selected by the grantee organizations must have need, merit, commitment to help themselves, and potential for success.

Monitor progress

We monitor progress, and when possible seek to learn about the longer-term outcomes of the people who benefit from our funding. We, as well, seek to codify “best practices” among our partner organizations.

develop relationships

We value open communication and strong partnerships with our grantee organizations. To support them further, we seek to highlight their work and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

Please note that we do not provide financial assistance to individuals directly, or accept unsolicited requests for support.

“Everyone deserves an opportunity to achieve a meaningful and successful life. Our goal is to help remove some of the obstacles that prevent individuals from attaining that end result. In particular, obstacles such as lack of access to a good education or failure of our nation to provide adequate financial support for young biomedical investigators and finally, sudden, unpredictable and often tragic adversity that threaten the stability and future of otherwise hard-working individuals.”
—Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.